Top 10 Fitness Tips for Beginners

Getting started is always the hardest part. If you’ve been physically inactive for a

while, it’s hard to begin an exercise routine. The gym can be an intimidating place if you

don’t know your way around. Where do you start if you haven’t done a crunch or

walked more than the distance from your car to your desk at work?

Get started with a new fitness routine:

1. Start slowly. Your level of fitness during your final year of secondary school is still

fresh in your mind. You could lift 200 pounds over your head, do the splits, run a

6-minute mile, and still have energy left for the dance after the football game.

However, you’re not 18 anymore.

Perform workouts that match your current physical condition. Hurting

yourself is the fastest way to ensure that you never get in shape.

2. Stress yourself, but not too much. The perfect workout will stress your body

enough than it must adapt, but not so much that your recovery time is

lengthened or you hurt yourself.

There’s great news: you don’t need to do much at first to see real results if

you’ve been switching back and forth between sitting at a desk and sitting

on the couch. A short walk on the treadmill will provide a lot of benefit. If

you haven’t done a push up in 20 years, doing push-ups against the wall is


Enjoy the advantages of being a beginner. You can get more results from 10

minutes of easy exercise than a highly fit person can get from 90 minutes of

hard work.

3. It’s all about consistency. A mild, daily workout will do more for your fitness

than one hard workout each week. Instead of focusing on your effort, focus on

making it to the gym regularly.

4. What you eat is important. Assuming you want to lose weight, what you eat is

far more important than the exercise you perform. It’s easy to eat more calories

in an hour than a professional athlete can burn off in three hours. Pushing

yourself away from the table might be the best form of exercise.

5. Find a workout buddy. It’s not easy to make it to the gym or to put on your

running shoes each day. Knowing that someone else is counting on you increases

your compliance.

6. Get expert help. Get some professional guidance if you’ve never exercised

before. Learn effective techniques and have your coach design an intelligent

program for you. As a member you have full access to our online training plans library.

7. Keep it simple. A few exercises are enough to provide all the benefits you’ll

ever need. The basics never go out of style.

8. Make it fun. Love football? Join a football league. Find a form of exercise

that you enjoy. Unless you’re training for a bodybuilding contest, there are

many forms of exercise that can fit the bill of increasing your fitness.

9. Be well-rounded. Flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and strength are all

important, especially as you age. If all you do is run, your flexibility and strength

will suffer. Ensure that you’re hitting these three areas of concern.

10. Focus on progress. Just a little bit of progress each week can keep your

motivation high. Enjoy the fact that beginners make great progress!

Get excited and start on a new exercise routine today. You don’t even need to join a

gym. A pair of walking shoes and a set of exercise bands are enough to get started. Get

some expert advice for an effective plan. Take your time and enjoy the journey.

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