Affordable Personal Training at Your Fingertips

Introducing My Portable PT 

Think of us as your very own Personal Trainer, with you 24 HOURS A DAY, making sure you achieve your goals, and for a FRACTION of the price of a regular Personal Training package.

Create your Hub totally free of charge and make use of our free features, such as nutrition tracking, body composition tracking, progress photo uploading, Fitbit integration, and lots of useful information.

Then, simply select the package that describes your goals in our package store, log into your hub and receive all you need to succeed, all via our app.

You will receive a fully loaded day by day schedule guiding you through your journey, and daily alerts prompting you along the way.

Take a look at our package store and grab your package now! 

Compatible with
Download our free app to access your Hub.  Search for My PT Hub.

Your Schedule

This is your plan of action!

Follow your schedule and reap the rewards!

This is your day by day planner. Simply complete your daily tasks and sessions and the results will follow!


You will receive daily prompts and alerts making sure that you stay on track and nothing is left to chance.



You will receive daily workouts all as part of your schedule.
Each workout contains a written description, lots of information about the exercise and a video showing you how its performed.
You can track your performance, receive alternate exercise options and much more!


Nutrition is paramount when achieving your dream body but don't worry, we have this covered too.

You will receive a guide on how to structure your diet and how many calories to aim for per day. Not only that but you will also receive 2 suggested 7 day diet plans (1 with no food restrictions and 1 vegan friendly) based on your goals and a recipe E-book full of delicious alternate ideas each with a calorie count and nutritional information. Your hub will also contain templates for your guidance.

You can also use your hub to log your nutrition and count your calories for you. You can entre it manually or simply scan the bar code. 

Diet planning has never been so easy!


Body Composition

Log your body measurements and weight and keep track of your progress.

Your measurements will be used to calculate your body fat percentage as the pounds drop off.

Upload progress photos throughout your journey and see your body transform.

Results Tracker

This recourse allows you to track your progress throughout your journey.

You can access your body composition such as your body weight, measurements and body fat percentage.

You can also track your performance information such as completed workouts, weight lifted, distance covered, time spent training and look at specific exercises.

This is your visual feedback on how you are progressing and improving throughout your programme.

Have a FitBit?
Our app is fully compatible with FitBit.
Sync your FitBit account to your Hub and transfer your data across.
Calories burnt, daily steps taken, stairs climbed and distance covered can all be accessed through your Hub once synced.

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