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Welcome to My Portable PT. Think of me as your very own virtual Personal Trainer, accessible 24 hours a day, helping you achieve your goals, and for a fraction of the price of a regular Personal Training package. I have a number of years experience as a PT within the fitness industry and my aim is to make Personal Training accessible and affordable for all.  Please take a look around my site, and for lots of hints and tips follow us on social media.

Nick Batchelor, 

Your Portable PT

Member Features

Training plans



Create your Hub, download our app and gain unlimited access to our many training programmes based on your goals. Receive a training schedule including instructional videos all via your Hub. You will receive daily prompts along the way and can directly message myself at any point via your Hub.


You will gain access to our ever growing library of 30 recipe e-books. Each recipe comes complete with calorie & macro counts and scannable bar codes allowing you to add & save the meal to my app and scan for easy access in the future. On demand you will receive a calorie guide telling you how many daily calories you require that's specific to you and your goals which will contain lots of useful information regarding structuring your meals. You will also receive access to our commercial eating guides library which will be added to each & every month to keep you on track whist eating out. Log into your Hub via our app & log your nutrition daily via our bar code scanner. Our app will calculate your calorie and macro count for you daily.

Progress tracking



Log your body measurements and weight and keep track of your progress as the pounds drop off. 

This recourse allows you to track your progress throughout your journeyYou can access your body composition such as your body weight, measurements and body fat percentage. Upload progress photos throughout your journey and see your body transform. You can also track your performance information such as completed workouts, weight lifted, distance covered, time spent training and look at specific exercises. This is all done via our app.​​​

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